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We are pleased to inform all the members of Frendz4m that we have introduced a new status named as MEMBER OF THE MONTH (hereinafter abbreviated and referred as MOM)

To encourage and give boost to the members, it has been decided that ONE among all the members whose performance will be the best during the month, will be declared as MOM.

Criteria of Performance will be based on how active the member is, his/her help and behaviour towards other members, his/her quality of work on forum viz. uploads and posts and reporting in Mega Cleanup Thread in Suggestion Section etc.

A thread will be made in General Talk and a a specific time period will be given during which all the members will nominate the names of members whom they think fit for MOM by posting in the thread the name of the member.

From these nominations top 10 voted names will be shortlisted and the same will be taken up for final voting among Staff, Advance Members, Experts Committee Members and Frendzstars.

The MOM will be given a Rank - "
MOM - " example “MOM - Mar2016” which will be valid for 30 days


    1. Only normal members can be nominated for this status.

    2. Members cannot nominate their own name for this status.

    3. Nominations will start from 24th to 27th of each month.

    4. Voting of Staff/Advancies/EC Members/Frendzstars will start fom 28th to last day of month i.e. either 30th or 31st

    5. Result will be declared on 1st of each Month


    7. Frendzstars, Expert Committee Member, Advancies and Staff are not eligible for this status.

    8. The MOM will get special rank in simple text i.e. without color or formatting valid for 30 days.

    9. This status will be of lower rank than of Frendzstars and EC Members. So no extra benefits will be given than that of what is given to Frendzstars and EC Members.

    10. The name of MOM for each month will be displayed on home page of forum.

    11. Ex-MOM’s name will be replaced with new MOM every month.

    12. Only one member will be chosen as MOM every month.

    13. Staff reserves the right to change any of the criteria or rules with or without prior notice.

    14. Staff will be the final authority to take decisions in the event of any discrepancies.

This is the first suggestion we are bringing alive which has been suggested by our Advanced Member niravgr8 in Need your Suggestions thread in General Talk. Thanks to him for such a brilliant Idea.
Click here to see the suggestion made by niravgr8

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| Options | Thanx | | Like(25) |   Mar 17, 2016 7:38AM
wonderfull start.
ec aur f* se itar bhi kuch pratibhaayen kuch naam rah jaate hain,it will be milestone for such silent n hardworkers

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