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  • 1. On Registration..
    The e-mail address used during registration is used only for confirming your registration details and resend password in case you forget your password. If you don't find activation mail in your mail inbox, please check your spam folder and activate your account accordingly. This is very important as without activation you cannot post on the forum and cannot enjoy most of the services.

  • 2. By registering on Frendz4m.com, you agree not to post any, abusive, obscene, vulgar, hateful, threatening, or any other material that may violate any law currently in force. Doing so may lead to u permanently banned. You agree that the staff of this forum have the right to remove, edit, move or close any topic at any time should they see fit with or without giving any reason.
  • 3. Flooding by making comments like thanks, thankz, thank you and similar is not accepted. If you want to convey thanks , you must use the Thanx button Which is present on every post of each topic to thank the topic/post author for his/her post. The Repute button is to give positive or negative feedback according to the circumstances of the post.
  • 4. No links of other similar forum are allowed. It will be considered as the user who make such post is promoting that particular forum.
  • 5. No advertising of other sites in this forum is allowed. Specifically, a forum name/site ad (most especially for known competing forums/sites) should not appear in whole forum. ANY FORM or ANY CONTEXT (examples : in 'Location' field in a member's profile or signatures, images or as referral links inside the file being uploaded and the likes). Not following will result to a warnings or permanent ban.
  • 6. No double-posts of files, be they Apps, Games, Tones, videos,etc are allowed. Such files will be removed. Double-post of the same message or comment in different sections of the forum just to get more views won't be tolerated, and the offending user can receive a ban for that. (If double post is due to network error, such cases will be exempted)
  • 7. Search the forum before making any request or before making any new topic to confirm if the same is not posted previously.
  • 8. Always use the SEARCH button before uploading a file or asking a question as it might be already posted in the forum. Such topics can and will be locked by the Staff team.
  • 9. If any member encounters what they believe to be an already posted file then they report the same to any of the Staff online with the link of said topic/file.
  • 10. If any member encounters a post or topic that is breaking the rules please report the same to any of the Staff online
  • 11. No member may act in the forum as if they were a moderator. Leave the moderation up to the moderators/Admins team. If you have any problems/concerns/questions regarding the actions of someone from the moderators/Admins team please send a private message to that specific moderators/Admins.
  • 12. Be friendly and respect all members of this forum. The use of abusive language against any forum member will result into adding warning into profile and possibly a ban.
  • 13. Making use of Regional Language at the places other than Regional Section is strictly Prohibited. Use of only English and Hindi is allowed. Violating this rule may lead to action deemed fit.

  • 14.If behavior of any UserID is found suspicious, Staff can ban such UserID without giving any reason whatsoever.


  • 15.Frendz4m dont have any official Whatsapp group. So no threads asking whatsapp numbers in the name of getting added in Frendz4m's whatsapp group will be allowed. All the members are warned not to share your personal contacts with strangers. Frendz4m believe in the privacy of users. Inspite of this warning if any user shares his number with stranger, he will be solely responsible for any consequences and in such cases Frendz4m or its staff shall not be held responsible.

  • 16. Besides this, each section of the forum has its own rules so please read the section rules of each section before making any comment or making any new Topic in concern Section

Enjoy ur stay at Frendz4m.com
Frendz Staff

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